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Games can sometimes feel constrained when running a straight "store-bought" adventure. The other end of the spectrum isn't much better, since the GM has to be ready for any decision the players make. (And my players take a special delight in throwing as many curve-balls my way as they can!) Lack of preparation can lead to games that just aren't as much fun; so to address that, Skortched Urf' Studios introduces: Adventure Blocks!

Adventure blocks take all the components of a typical adventure or campaign, and breaks them out into Blocks. Mix-and-Match various Blocks and you can create any adventure you want on-the-fly while still having the entire encounter statted' out with descriptions and various ideas for implementing it in your game. Everything you need to keep your adventure running smoothly!

This Adventure Block details The City Watch. Everything from a rural militia made up of towns-folk rallying for the common defense under the Sherriff’s leadership, to frontier towns and villages and large cities. This PDF details the various members of the Watch, how effective their presence is in a given area and more. We present stats for various Challenge ratings from the CR1 peasant farmers through the professional CR 8 and 10 guards found in most large cities.

Written by Josh Benton.
Artwork by Anthony Cournoyer.

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