Monsters of Verdune


The Kaviljor Ur-rathi , terrible yet noble undead knights who seek to defend the undying of Verdune; The Curenjod, the Woeroot trees whose leaves fly out and cut to ribbons those who defile the forest; The Talinet Ur-rathi, these tortured elemental spirits now posses Verdune’s tainted lands,using the powers inherent in the black streams of necromancy to leave not but havoc in their wake. The Primoridal Ooze, a vile creation of the dramojh that destroys you with healing. Monsters of Verdune provides these new creatures as a supplemental bestiary for Monte Cook’s Arcana Evolved. Within you will find:
  • - A new, complex and detailed prestige template, along with the template for its mount.
  • - All descriptions presented in first-person perspective using the monster's point of view.
  • - Detailed descriptions, variant rules, Lore DCs and designer's notes.
  • - Each monster leaps from the page with inspiring and evocative illustrations.
  • - The monsters within have complex motivations and can serve far beyond a simple encounter.
  • - Compatible with the 3.0 and 3.5 versions of the world’s most popular role-playing game

  • Manufactured by: Rite Publishing

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