Kaiser's Garden - 23 Monstrous Plants


The Kaiser's Garden is a collection of 23 new Plant-Type Monsters and Monster Templates, suitable for d20 3.5 and d20 modern.

Plant-type monsters are often overlooked by Masters not accustomed to dangerous plants. But plants are also often ignored by the Players, making for a nasty surprise. Nothing give a more wild or alien feel than a mass of ordinary-looking flora becoming a green terror! Add some unexpected and original dangers to your games with the Kaiser's Garden!

  • Addlevetch - A Desert Hunter That Dazes Its Prey.
  • Bractyran & Bractyran Whelp - Giant Vines That Terrorize The Skies.
  • Celestial Tree - A Wise And Generous Provider.
  • Cotyledon - Before Treants Become The Ancient, Wise And Mighty Protectors Of The Forests, They Must First Be Fresh, Green Saplings.
  • Creeping Medusavine - A Creature Whose Gaze Turns Flesh To Wood.
  • Crystal Moss - A Psionic Moss With A Tempting Prize.
  • Devil Bine - A Tangle Of Vines That Spray A Scalding Sap.
  • Forest Mimic - A Stump Is Just A Stump... Right?
  • Gouzom Tree - The Cloud-Tree, Raining Acid And Powdery Pollen.
  • Infernal Hellock - An Ancient And Clever Hell-Tree, Devious And Corrupted.
  • Iridescent Coral - A Cleverly Disguised Hunter With A Radiant Shell.
  • Iron Willow - A Golem-Tree Crafted From Iron, Or From A Seed.
  • Jellyhive - A Fungus That Hunts And Eats Oozes (And Saves Some For Guests!).
  • Picaroon - A Tree That Snags It's Prey From Above.
  • Ravellypad - Floating Just Below The Surface Of Still Water, Waiting For A Meal.
  • Spidernut - A Plucky Little Seed That Hunts For It's Own Mulch.
  • Stinging Woodfly - A Strange Weed That Uses Others To Develop Their Seeds.
  • Stinkgnarl - A Giant Flailing Fungus That Blasts The Area With A Foul Stench.
  • Vine Of Decay - An Undead Vine That Corrupts And Decays Everything It Touches.
  • Blue Thistle Blighted - A Supernatural Disease That Covers Plants With Sharp, Poisoned Thistles.
  • Gouzom Seed-Pod - The Unwitting Transporters Of Gouzom Trees.
  • Vegial - Plants And Fungi That Resemble Animals And Vermin, Both In Appearance And Behavior.

Also included as a free bonus; 17 new Plant-Spells for Clerics, Druids & Rangers.

  • Manufactured by: Mad Kaiser Games

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