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One of the challenges as a player or GM is keeping track of where that new rule (or starship, or feat, or mutation, or . . . well, you get the idea) is in your collection. With the Future: Index you can find your favorite Ronin Arts future d20 information quickly and easily.

Updated May 2, 2006

Using the official future rules for the D20 Modern roleplaying game?

Expand your choices with these Ronin Arts PDFs.


Future: 13 Cybernetic Enhancements

Future: 13 Cyborg Weapons

Future: Heroes -- Cyborgs

Modern Dispatch: CyberStealth Action


Future: Campaign Planner

Future: 13 Gravity Age Rumors


Future: 13 Ammunition Types


Modern Dispatch: Mecha Critical Cards

Modern Dispatch: Mecha Defects and Quirks

Future: Mecha 1 -- Khetsey-Memet

Future: Mecha 2 -- The Ocara

Future: Mecha 3 -- The Praetorian Guard

Future: 13 Mecha Devices

Future: 13 More Mecha Devices

Future: Another 13 Mecha Devices

Future: 13 Additional Mecha Devices

Future: Mecha Companions


Future: 13 Nanoaugmentors


Future: 13 Wasteland Hazards


Future: 13 Starship Devices

Future: 13 More Starship Devices

Future: 13 Starship Cargos

Modern Dispatch: Starship Sensor Contacts

Future: 6 Free Sensor Contacts

Future: Overwhelming Firepower

Future: Starship Series -- Over One Dozen to Choose From!

Modern Dispatch: New Starship Class Templates


Future: 13 Xenobiological and Stellar Hazards

Future: Alien Race 1

Future: Alien Race 2

Modern Dispatch: Alien Artifacts

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