Athenaeum Arcane: Festivals, Fairs, and Holy Days


This 7-page PDF, written by Andrew Hind, is designed to help GMs world build and bring adventures out of the dungeon by providing five ready-to-use festivals, fairs, and holy days. It's an invaluable tool for building a textured culture, for throwing at PCs to enliven their arrival in a new community, and for weaving a unique tapestry to serve as the backdrop for urban adventure.

Learning how people celebrate allows us to better understand their values, their fears, their collective personality. While PCs may quickly forget details about a pig-raising village they passed through, it's unlikely they'd forget the community that hosts the Razorback Festival during which pigs are slaughtered and in butcher-bees and which culminates in the grand spectacle of slaves engaging in gladiatorial combat against a dire boar -- the survivors being granted freedom and existence as were-boars.

  • Model: PJR280
  • Manufactured by: Ronin Arts

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