Fantasy Folio: Allegiances


Format: Portrait, fully bookmarked (with text file).

This pdf presents a new system for redefining alignment as allegiances to good, evil, law, chaos and other people, organizations, or ideals for your fantasy d20 game.

Fantasy Folio: Allegiances is a d20 game enchancement that redefines, expands and codifies the traditional alignment system. Your character's allegiances are rated, just like his ability scores, allowing you to define his ethical and moral priorities intuitively but precisely. Beyond good and evil (or law and chaos), allegiances are open-ended, and may also include codes of devotion to leaders, religions, nations, ways of life, loved ones, etc. Rather than imposing limitations, Fantasy Folio: Allegiances creates possibilities, allowing you to understand your character's motivations more clearly and turn his values into real strengths rather than vulnerabilities.

Fantasy Folio: Allegiances presents specific rules on how allegiance ratings interact with spells such as dispel evi, chaos hammer, dictum, holy word, etc. A slew of new feats are also provided, allowing your character to make his morals and ethics into powerful advantages or use his lack of strong beliefs to retain his independence... or make himself a powerful enemy to those who would oppose his allegiance.

Fantasy Folio: Allegiances includes:

  • The allegiance rating system, a dramatic augmentation of existing d20 alignment/allegiance rules that defines good, evil, law, chaos, loyalty, devotion and the other traits that drive your character more completely than ever before.
  • Nineteen new feats using the allegiance system, including Courage of Conviction, Hardened Killer, Innocent Soul, Protective Strike and many more.

About Big Finger Games' Fantasy Folio line:
Fantasy Folio is Big Finger Games' catch-all title for their line of fantasy d20 add-ons and enhancements.
With Fantasy Folio, Big Finger Games' stated goal is to provide a wealth of easy to use game material for fantasy d20 gaming. This includes a mix of inventive character options, action-rich storytelling, and useful and well-developed optional rules.

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  • Manufactured by: Big Finger Games

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