Broken Bones: A Rules Supplement


So you've already grabbed Wounds, Bruises, and Blood, and you've started dishing out the serious damage? Nothing is cooler than watching your foes bleed to death after you thrust your sword into their chest.

Well, what would you say if you could grab a hammer and cave in their skulls?

That's what I thought you would say.

Broken Bones picks up where Wounds, Bruises, and Blood left off. With the rules in this PDF you can crush skulls, shatter rib cages, and snap limbs . . . all with the bludgeoning weapons you're already using! This system adds a little complexity to that found in Wounds, Bruises, and Blood but the overall record keeping and dice rolling involved remains relatively low for the reward of swinging your club into a foe's head and watching as he drops dead -- or dying -- from the hit.

As you've no doubt guessed, this PDF requires Wounds, Bruises, and Blood.

NOTE: For a short time anyone that has purchased Wounds, Bruises, and Blood can contact me -- -- for a coupon for 25% off of Broken Bones. Offer ends soon.

  • Model: PJR407
  • Manufactured by: Ronin Arts

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