Is your character tired of never having the right tool for the right job? Maybe he's stuck with a rapier against a gibbering mouther or wearing a cold resistance armor against a red dragon. Fear not! Mallyate is here to give a PC what he needs when he needs it for every combat situation.

In this 6-page PDF author Bret Boyd introduces mallyate, an unusual special material that shifts form at its owner's mental command, the material reforming to create a weapon, armor, or shield perfectly suitable to its owner's current needs.

Mallyate is suitable for planar campaigns, high-magic settings, or adventures in which the player characters must constantly change their battle tactics and weapons to cope with a large number of different monsters with varying immunities.

So grab a chunk of mallyate, mentally shape it into a warhammer to deal with a skeletal menace and then instantly transform it into a greatsword to take down that vile necromancer. With mallyate your imagination is the only limit to the types of weapons and armors you can instantly create.

  • Model: top2003
  • Manufactured by: Tricky Owlbear Publishing, Inc.

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