Fantasy Folio: Masterwork Qualities


Format: Portrait, bookmarked.

This pdf presents a series of special qualities that can be applied to masterwork weapons.

Fantasy Folio: Masterwork Qualities presents a system for granting masterwork weapons and armor special qualities at the time of their creation. These qualities include perfect edge, custom hilt, barbed, and many more...

Fantasy Folio: Masterwork Qualities includes:

  • Eleven qualities for melee weapons, three qualities for ranged weapos, and four qualities for armor.
  • Three sample masterwork weapons that incorporate these new qualities.

About Big Finger Games' Fantasy Folio line:
Fantasy Folio is Big Finger Games' catch-all title for their line of fantasy d20 add-ons and enhancements.
With Fantasy Folio, Big Finger Games' stated goal is to provide a wealth of easy to use game material for fantasy d20 gaming. This includes a mix of inventive character options, action-rich storytelling, and useful and well-developed optional rules.

  • Model: BFG1603
  • Manufactured by: Big Finger Games

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