War of the Burning Sky #4: The Mad King's Banquet


While Seaquen recovers from an unnatural natural disaster, the heroes undertake a quest to find allies in the nearby nation of Dassen before the Ragesian army arrives. But the heroes discover strange tidings surrounding Dassen's King Steppengard. What afflicts the King, and is Duke Gallo truly conspiring against him? Seaquen's survival depends on unravelling the mystery. What kind of feast can the heroes expect when they sit down to the mad king's banquet? Welcome to the fourth adventure in the War of the Burning Sky Campaign Saga. Throughout the course of the campaign saga, a party of heroes will become involved in an escalating war between mighty magical nations, and after many adventures, military battles, and mysterious intrigue, it will be up to them to decide who will emerge victorious and rule in the aftermath. This adventure weighs in at over 100 pages! The Mad King's Banquet is the fourth adventure in the 12-part War of the Burning Sky Campaign Saga.

  • Manufactured by: EN Publishing

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