Diamond Gulch


Five years ago, Diamond Gulch was a prosperous boom town. Prospectors of every stripe, from miners to mages, slowly picked the diamonds clean from the mines beneath the town. Professional gamblers filled the casinos and professional drunks filled the saloons. Five years ago, everyone was making money.

A lot can happen in five years, though. When the diamonds dried up and magic revealed little else of easily accessible value, the dwarven prospectors left, the mages packed up their wands, and the gamblers and drunks hopped the train to the next boom town. In the space of a year, Diamond Gulch went from bustling to near-abandoned.

Now the town is simply a waypoint on the line between Wyvern Canyon and Silver City, and would be all but forgotten if it weren't for one very peculiar feature...

Diamond Gulch is the first title in the otherwhere product line: d20 fantasy adventures with a unique or non-standard flavor. In this adventure, the PCs are tasked with defending a mining-town and its dinosaur-powered train from an evil railroad tycoon and his band of dino-rustlers. Filled with exploration, combat, social interaction, and lots of dinosaurs, this wild-west flavored adventure provides a new and exciting way of looking at fantasy gaming.

This product is appropriate for a group of 4 to 6 5th to 6th level adventurers.

  • Model: AMA1201A
  • Manufactured by: Amalara

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