The Tomb of Baron Gharoth


The Baron has made you a very attractive offer. Enter his family tomb and retrieve the signet ring from the finger of his long-dead ancestor. He has offered you a substantial reward as well as the opportunity to keep any valuables you may find in your search of the crypts. It all sounds very simple until the Baron mentions that his great-great-great grandfather was also a necromancer. But before you can say another word, the Baron hands his guards a key and they lead you to THE TOMB OF BARON GHAROTH. The Tomb of Baron Gharoth is a solitaire adventure designed to be played using the Tunnels and Trolls game system. This solo adventure contains 249 paragraphs and is suitable for a single, low- to mid-level, humaniod warrior with 30-40 personal adds.

  • Manufactured by: Lone Delver Games

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