Runic Fantasy: A Dozen Skeletal Foes (RuneQuest)


We’re all familiar with skeletons, having seen them in action in more fantasy roleplaying game campaigns than we should even attempt to remember. Still, this isn’t to say that we’ve seen too many skeletons or that we’re tired of skeletons. Far from it! Skeletons are an excellent monster; perfect for those times when we need to announce to the players that “evil is afoot” or we are just in the mood for some old fashioned undead action.

Runic Fantasy: A Dozen Skeletal Foes, written by Philip Reed, embraces the skeleton and reworks it in order to provide game masters with more options when it comes time to pull out another skeleton encounter.

From the skeletal archer – master of the bow and threat to all player characters that prefer to stand back and throw ranged attacks at their opponents – to the skeletal spellforce – a sorcery-wielding skeleton that uses magic to assault the enemies of its master – Runic Fantasy: A Dozen Skeletal Foes has you covered.

Includes two new creature traits: Life Sense and Spellforce!

  • Model: rarq-003
  • Manufactured by: Ronin Arts

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