The Compass of Amun-Re

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This free scenario by Peter Schweighofer introduces readers to all aspects of gaming in Pulp Egypt, from ancient ruins and arcane magic to desert expeditions and Nazi conspiracies. As members of an archaeological expedition, the characters agree to investigate rumors of an artifact in the ruins at Siwa Oasis, a fabled “compass” supposedly leading to an ancient Persian army lost in the desert. After dodging competitors and a secret society intent on protecting the relic, the heroes follow the compass into the desert. The horrors they uncover in the sands arouse the interest of both ambitious Nazis and a vengeful Egyptian god. This 16-page adventure also includes maps, pre-generated characters, and a copy of the Any-System Key for easy reference. Check out this free scenario to get a feel for the kinds of adventures you can play in the Pulp Egypt sourcebook available from Griffon Publishing Studio.

Gamers can easily adapt this Any-System Key adventure to their favorite roleplaying game rules. The Any-System Key describes character skills and task difficulties in terms that easily translate into nearly any game system. These terms do not link to any one game engine, but serve as general guidelines to give readers an overall sense how they fit within their own game’s stat and difficulty scale. To use this scenario you’ll need the copy of the Any-System Key included in this adventure and your favorite roleplaying game system.

  • Model: GPSF06CAR
  • Manufactured by: Griffon Publishing Studio

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