(Savaged) Quick Quests: Eggscellent Opportunity


Looking for a Savaged adventure that you can drop right into your existing fantasy campaign? Or something you can set up quick and play in a session or two without much ado? The Dog House Gang has just the thing—our premier mini-adventure for your Savage Worlds game.

Quick Quests: Eggscellent Opportunity is designed for 3-6 characters of Seasoned to Veteran rank. It’s ready to fit into an ongoing fantasy campaign or to set up quickly for a one-time romp (especially for GMs and PCs who don’t have time for long, drawn-out adventures).

The quest is straightforward. A noteworthy patron offers the heroes a business proposition: to obtain the eggs (well, at least one) of a magical aerial creature.

This 22-page mini-adventure comes stocked with the following:

Patron NPCs: Three fully described and illustrated Patron NPCs for the GM to choose from, making it easy to jump right into the roleplaying. And of course, full statistic blocks for each patron.

Monster lairs: Three complete lairs with descriptions, statistics and maps. The GM can choose a single patron and one monster to run the adventure, or combine the patrons and monsters for a multi-part challenge.

New Magic Items: Two new items designed specifically for Savage Worlds.

Forks in the Road: As usual, this DHR product comes with several Forks in the Road offering suggestions to help a GM alter the scenario for a longer or shorter adventure, or to introduce additional complications and challenges for the players.

  • Model: DHR2001SW
  • Manufactured by: Dog House Rules

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This product was added to our catalog on Friday 28 November, 2008.

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