Night of the Living Dead: Revisited


It's 1968 and the dead won't stay dead!

Night of the Living Dead: Revisited is a scenario for the GORE system. The GORE system is compatible with similar percentile-based systems of the 1980s, and is downloadable for free.

Based on the public domain movie, Night of the Living Dead, by George A. Romero, this adventure allows the GM to put his players in the roles of Ben, Barbara, and the other characters of the movie in a test of survival versus undead flesh-eaters!

This adventure offers suggestions for changing the scenario and character motivations, as well as possibilities for making the zombies different than in the movie. What if Tom and Judy are not what they seem? What if Johnny lived to make it to the farmhouse? What if the zombies are fast instead of slow, and have radioactive projectile vomit?!

This scenario is perfect for a one-night session, and can be played several times utilizing different character combinations or zombie types. The players could even play themselves!

  • Model: GORE001
  • Manufactured by: Goblinoid Games

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