Like Father, Like Son (Trial of Dr Null)


Parenting can be a challenge, particularly when your child wants to grow up to be a criminal mastermind. But should it really be such a surprise, when his father was a supervillain before him?

Like Father, Like Son (Trial of Dr Null) is the seventh adventure release from Lame Mage Productions for M&M Superlink Second Edition. After all the terrors he has inflicted upon society, Dr. Victor Marsden, better known to the world as Dr Null, has at last been brought to justice. The eyes of the world are turned to the city courthouse as the fate of the scientific mastermind is decided in the trial of the century.

Like all Lame Mage releases it has been carefully playtested to help you run the best game possible: nearly 30 playtesters participated in its development. The PDF is 21 pages long and fully bookmarked (demo dowload available).

Run it as a stand-alone adventure, or combine it with Day of Dr Null, Death of Dr Null and Dr Null: Battle on the Bay Bridge (free download) to play out the complete rise and fall of Dr Null. Includes guidelines for running trial subplots in your own games without boring your heroes to tears.

Killer vending machines. Video game monsters. Due process of the law.

  • Model: LAM0070
  • Manufactured by: Lame Mage Productions

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