Every hero needs an antihero, every defender of the light must have darkness to keep at bay and every pure-hearted paladin needs a vile, shadow-cloaked assassin to cut down. Villains presents seven malign foe to bedevil your PCs: Teraim Arasten (LE male dwarf fighter 8), Firhar Luedul (NE male half-elf wizard [diviner] 10), Eiluanna Maiasar (CE female elf fighter 10), Myghal Nankeris (LE male human monk 10), Digory Odgers (CE male human rogue 5/fighter 3), Perran Gongye (NE male human rogue 6/assassin 6), Cornes Solethar (NE male half-elf sorcerer [infernal] 12), Each villain benefits from an extensive write-up including notes on their background, personality, mannerisms and distinguishing marks as well as a fully detailed stat block, plot hooks and suggested encounter groups making it easy to insert the villain into almost any campaign. Villains also includes a selection of minions including stalwart, black-hearted swordsmen; calculating, warrior monks; stealthy, amoral rogues and more. This ZIP file includes two versions of Villains, one optimised for printing and use on a normal computer and one optimised for use on a mobile device such as an iPad. You can learn more about Raging Swan's Dual Format PDF initiative at Visit Raging Swan's website for a downloadable Contents page and a free sample villain!

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