What are You Afraid Of?

Since the earliest days of prehistory humanity has feared the unknown, the alien, the inscrutable. There are things out there in the darkness that would make the staunchest man tremble, creatures foul and cunning who thirst for blood and death. Ancient spirits known as fear eaters, servants of Death the Reaper, lurk in the remote corners of the world, drawing power from the mortal terror they inflict upon their victims. And now there is something else to fear in the dark places of the world.

Called by the fear eaters to defend their human flocks from the predations of more deadly creatures still, you will take on the mantle of Fearmonger and provide what sustenance you can to the creatures. Who can say if they are to be trusted, but the power they harness can mean the difference between life and death in the battle against the night. So maybe you have to scare a few innocents from time to time in order to survive, so maybe some of them die of heart attacks, so what? Just keep telling yourself the end justifies the means.

There are things to fear in this world.
One of them is You!

O Rural horror, set in a dark echo of 1950s Europe and America
O Hauntingly illustrated throughout with the work of John N Amore
O A self-contained RPG in a 100-page 8.5" square PDF booklet
O Complete card-based system specially designed for horror
O Highly tactical, highly lethal system makes planning a must
O Defeat your enemies by force, social manipulation or terror
O Detailed descriptions of a range of original, horrific creatures
O Information on the first major type of fear eater, the Scarecrow
O Requires only an ordinary deck of playing cards to enjoy

  • Model: SAS5000
  • Manufactured by: Sane Studios

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