Green Devil Face #3


A variety of traps, challenges, and tests of bravery from a number of authors come together between two perilous covers! Included in this issue:

• Pool of Fideceal: A Vexing Dungeon Furnishing by Alfred John Dalziel
• The Heat of Greed by Andreas Davour
• The Hypercube of Doom by Andreas Davour
• Sparkling in the Night by Andreas Davour
• The Zigzag Path of Doom by Akseli Envall
• Beware the Red Stream by Caleb Jensen
• Between a Rock and a Hard Place by James Edward Raggi IV
• The Great Golden Ball by James Edward Raggi IV
• This Is Seriously Unfair By James Edward Raggi IV
• Affluentarium by Settembrini
• Swallow of Summoning by Chris Weller

LotFP's role-playing books are supplements and adventures compatible with existing First Edition, Original Edition, and "Basic Edition" fantasy role-playing games, as well as modern "clone" games including Labyrinth Lord™, OSRIC™, and Swords & Wizardry™.

This product includes both letter-sized and A4 PDF files.

  • Model: GDF3
  • Manufactured by: LotFP

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