Visions 1: The Pumpkin Patch


No one is really sure when the first jack o' lanterns were carved, or who came up with the idea, but it is believed to be an ancient Irish tradition associated with the celebration of Samhain. Of course, pumpkins weren't exactly a common vegetable in Ireland in those days, so jack o' lanterns were instead carved from rutabagas and turnips. It is the pumpkin, though, which has become synonymous with jack o' lanterns and an enduring symbol of the unique holiday known as Halloween, and so it is the pumpkin which is the star of this sourcebook.

Visions 1: The Pumpkin Patch, a 22-page PDF by Patrick Younts, is a grab bag of new spells, new monsters, new magic items and new personalities, all themed around the pumpkin, and more specifically, the jack o' lantern. You?ll even be introduced to Jack o' the Lantern, who in real world folklore is the inventor and namesake of the jack o' lantern.

As might be expected, the new items, monsters, spells and personalities presented here are steeped in folklore and fairy tales, but that does not mean they have no place in a more sword and sorcery oriented campaign. In fact, their fairytale, folktale flavor can serve them in good stead in such games, setting them apart from the magics and enemies the players have come to expect, and making their ethereal strangeness all the more memorable and compelling.

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