Broken Swords & Battered Shields


Welcome to a world where the impossible is possible. A world where the fantastic is all around you. One in which the Heroes are mighty, the Villains are deadly, and the creatures are downright nasty.

Within these pages is found all the information needed to dive into a brave new fantasy world. It is far different from what you most likely have experienced lately in the way of roleplaying- if you can dream it, you can do it. Every spell is carefully constructed by the player. Create and learn new skills and knacks that are tailored specifically to you and your character. No two characters of any race and career combination will ever be the same.

We believe that by putting the control of the game into the Lorekeeper's hands that each and every game of Broken Swords & Battered Shields will be unique; being tailored to the individual world in which a game is run. Use the worlds you created, and the system we created for you, for the perfect gaming experience for your players and yourself.

*Featuring over 20 different races and nearly 50 career paths.
*Introducing BattleBoard Combat: a one-of-a-kind way to track initiative and keep combat flowing smoothly and without interruption or delay.
*For the first time ever, experience the Mote Advancement Experience (MAX), which rewards characters for incredible roleplaying rather than number of kills and puts the responsibility for such awards in the hands of the players, as well as the Lorekeeper.

"Remember that it is your imagination that is paving the way for the greatest stories ever told."

  • Manufactured by: visioNation studios

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