GM'S COOKBOOK: Random Events #2


While the scenario, the ongoing quest, provides the meat in any campaign, a good Gamemaster needs more ingredients to add substance to the adventure, she occasionally needs to spice up slower parts of a gaming session. With that in mind Big Finger Games offers the GMs Cookbook line of pdfs.

GMS COOKBOOK: Random Events #2 offers twenty random happenings while traveling on the road or trekking through the wilderness.

Random and unexpected events can help give your campaign a realistic verisimilitude. It gives the players the idea their characters exist in a real breathing world and things are occurring outside the scope of their limited perceptions. They can hear snippets of conversation, witness strange actions that make little sense when you dont know their context, or have unexpected encounters with denizens of the campaign world.

  • Model: BFG1902
  • Manufactured by: Big Finger Games

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