Halls of Elysium 3rd Edition


This is the third edition revamp of Forever People's flagship adventure The Halls of Elysium, re-released, updated and redesigned for Forever People Digital Press from the original five file bundle into one complete and unabridged book.

Bugs have been fixed and fan comments taken on board to produce an even better Halls than ever before!


Featuring more than 200 pages of astonishing detail, spanning four sprawling levels and beautifully illustrated throughout, this is an exceptional adventure for exceptional GMs who like their scenarios to have that added wow factor.


Gamesmaster Key, exploring the dungeon in incredible depth and breaking down the four levels into a user-friendly key with two maps for each level (one black and white for simple reference and one full colour floorplan guide) and countless diagrams, trap explanations, suggestions for play, level solutions and guides for unusual occurences specific to different levels.

NPC Section, detailing backgrounds, psychology and physiology suggestions for more than 60 non player characters, adventuring groups and leading protagonists.

Player Handouts, with nine beautifully rendered, full colour printable visual ideas to hand to your players and liven up your game.

Floorplans, spanning every inch of the dungeon and leaving no stone unrendered. Easy to use, full colour and of extraordinary quality.

City of Elysium, including a full colour map of the city, overview and key for the GM who likes depth of background and wishes to set his dungeon crawl in a believable location with motivated NPCs.

All this and a unique story sure to hook your players. A hardcore dungeon crawl and classic fan-favourite from Forever People.

Notes on 3rd Edition Halls of Elysium

By combining the full 80meg bundle into one file we have reduced overall file size to 68meg. This is still larger than we would like, however this is a non-compressed PDF, ensuring perfect quality on floorplan visuals and handouts. We have still managed to reduce overall file size by 12 full mbs, and removed the need to download five seperate files.

The 3rd edition remains neutral as far as systems go. We are considering releasing a d20 add-on to make this an OGL compatible scenario, so please watch our catalogue or visit our website and subscribe to our newsletter for further updates.

3rd Edition Halls is also undergoing formatting for print. Please visit our website www.foreverpeoplerpg.com for details.

  • Manufactured by: Forever People Games & RPG

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