Wilderness Survival


The town gates open. The quartet of nervous looking youths, dressed to the nines in armour, each laden with backpacks stuffed with everything from saucepans to spyglasses, take a few tentative steps and gaze around at the sweeping vista of endless plains stretching before them like a green sea. The town gates close with a resounding boom. The four young men and women are alone - free to seek their fame and fortune as fighter, wizard, cleric and thief in the great green fields beyond their home... but ultimately alone. Alone, and at the mercy of the wilderness. Each would-be traveller looks to his companions and wonders, who among us shall survive the adventure to come?

Wilderness Survival is the definitive guide for adventurers who want to survive everything the fantasy world can throw their way. From building a Hobbit Hovel to starting a campfire with nothing but ice, this book shows you how it's done.

Ever wanted to know how to treat an infected cut using only the lungs, skin and intestines of livestock? Ever wondered how to avoid contracting bubonic plague? Ever tried to live on worms and ants, or catch bivalves with nothing but a piece of string and a hook? Ever wondered how to avoid scorpion stings or, indeed the best way to deal with a scorpion if you wake one morning to find one crawling across your chest? Wilderness Survival contains the answers to these and thousands of other bizarre, but life-saving questions. Which are more deadly? Hornets, bees or wasps? How do you really treat a snake bite? What's the best way to disable the paralysing tentacles of a Carrion Crawler or bring down a charging centaur? How does one navigate through the desert without getting lost? And if one does get lost, how does one treat the symptoms of heat stroke and heat exhaustion?

Wilderness Survival also includes a unique feats system which can be blended into any roleplaying game and which is particularly well suited to live-action-roleplay (LARP). Feats use a multi-level skill system from basic to master and are designed to both teach and entertain, providing the PC with additional skills and the player with new knowledge.

- First aid, treating everything from bee stings to malaria
- Vital equipment, do's and don'ts, things to take, things to leave behind; weapons, survival kit and essential rations plus specific advice for dungeons, mountains and cities.
- Shelters, everything from Freya's Sanctuary to Conan's Hammock, plus general and comprehensive advice and information on keeping your shelter wild-animal-free.
- Firecraft, how it's done. Start a fire anywhere. The different types of campfires and related feats!
- Food Gathering, from getting the most out of your traps and snares to using crossbows to snag rabbits. Every food type covered; insects, reptiles, birds, mammals...
- Common dangers: a crucial guide to staying alive, avoiding common illness, disease, infection, things that sting, pitfalls and dangerous terrain, extreme weather and so on...
- Orienteering, finding your way from A-to-B, the secrets of the reconoitre technique, using maps, getting lost, and getting found!
- Monsters: includes the definitive anti-monster-kit-list, everything you need to battle foes of all shapes and sizes.

3 Years in the making, based on personal experience and research, 49 pages of well considered, well written, well presented survival advice from veteran LARPers and self proclaimed pen and paper geeks Catherine Sims and Nick Davis.

  • Model: ws31
  • Manufactured by: Forever People Games & RPG

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