Wilderness Encounters #5 - Inner City


It stands upon the horizon, a slate grey line of hard stone, broken every now and then by turrets and flying buttresses. The wall of the city. And beyond, the crooked spires and warped rooftops rise like a sea of uneven waves, an apparently endless field of tiles and chimneys. A haze of dark smoke rises lazily from each stack and commingles in the sky to form a great black dirge above.

This is the destination of our hapless heroes, weary of the wilderness, in need of proper sustenance, new gear, a comfortable bed and all the other niceties a tired adventurer can only find within the boundary wall of a city.

No doubt their visit will be eventful as ever, with the promise of jobs to be taken, gold to be earned and new friends to be made. Adventure too; the nature of which the heroes can only dream of as they stumble, tired and ragged from the great grey wastes and up to the gatehouse door. "Who cares to enter," the voice of the guard on the bastion battlement carries down. 'Weary travellers' is the reply, and little more is required. The gates rattle open and our heroes bustle inside, the sights, smells and sounds of the city enveloping them like old friends.

Wilderness Encounters, Inner City, not only gives the GM fifteen assorted adventure seeds, complete with background information, NPC details and scenario options (should the players delve deep), but also a complete and instant city key, easily adapted to one of the blank maps included at the end of the file.

In short: Inner City is everything you need to run a unique, challenging and entertaining city adventure in the game setting of your choice!


- 15 encounter ideas, from the basic seed to the full blown scenario. Includes two adventures: Lost in Transit and Champions of the Chancery.

- Instant City. 140 original locations, shops, taverns, buildings and city landmarks, each with a full description. From Bantom & Barley's Familiars of Choice to Thunder Touchstone's Shop of Firecrafte, from The House of Cards to Callip's Cantina For the Discerning Drunk. Generate an entire fantasy city with the roll of a few dice and let your players explore a setting they'll never forget.

- Two city maps to print and use with the Instant City system.

Wilderness Encounters #5, Inner City was written by David Sharrock, author of Halls of Elysium and our most popular Wilderness Encounters release, The Great Out of Doors. Illustrated in full colour throughout with the quirky creations of Wyn F Dawkins.

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  • Manufactured by: Forever People Games & RPG

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