Wilderness Encounters 4 - The Deep Dark


A deep well, the tantalizing darkness of an open cave mouth, a fissure in the face of a mighty cliff, or the depths of an abandoned mine shaft. The earth of the fantasy world is a rich honeycomb of endless underground realms, some excavated by the busy hands of industrious but long dead civilisations, others burrowed by wild animals or gigantic monsters. Yet more are simply natural clefts in the fabric of stone and rock, portals into the belly of the world and irresistible temptations to the inquisitive instincts of passing adventurers.

Here are fourteen encounters for the deep dark places of the world. Wilderness Encounters 4, eradicates the clichés and provides the Gamesmaster with a quick and easy-to-use reference of exciting, original and unorthodox adventure seeds and scenarios. Whether used as part of a larger adventure, or as adventures in themselves, this host of inspiring plot hooks will bring colour and intrigue to the dankest underground moment.

Penned by the hand of Susan Andersen, a gamesmaster herself, this is the fourth in our series of Wilderness Encounter titles. For other titles, including The Great Out Of Doors, Into The Mountains and Desert Encounters, see our catalogue, exclusive to YGN.


- 14 encounter ideas, from the basic adventure seed to the full blown scenario, each as unique and surprising as they come.

- Deck of Misadventure & Deviousness: a unique way to spice up those dull moments during gameplay with nothing more than a deck of cards.

- Sample Background Questions - ideal for generating NPCs on the fly, or adding depth to an existing NPC

- Roll Your Own Dungeon - using the encounters in the book, 1d100 and a big collection of additional chamber and encounter ideas in lesser format, you can now roll your own dungeon. No more mass preparation before a game, just set up your GM screen, sharpen your pencil and start rolling.

This is the second edition of Wilderness Encounters 4, written by Susan Andersen, edited by David Sharrock and illustrated in full colour by Wyn F Dawkins, with additional illustrations by Matty Rhea

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