Wilderness Encounters 1


The ideas and scenarios provided in this role-playing aid are generic by design, and lend themselves well to most fantasy genre roleplaying games.

This module is designed to be referenced by the gamesmaster during those lulls in play, when the party have completed an ongoing scenario and are en-route to new locations and new adventures. These blips in game play could be considered 'limbo moments.' It can be hard to fill such moments with believable and compelling encounters beyond the traditional wandering monster or wild-animal. Plot hooks can seem particularly contrived.

Enter Wilderness Encounters One. A band of roaming orcs; a travelling caravan of merchants seeking guards on the trail; an NPC fighting bandits on a lonely country road- all reasonable scenarios in their own right, and at the very least an excuse for some combat experience and subsequent garnering of experience points. But these ideas are formulaic and lack originality. Such meta-concept encounters are unlikely to engage experienced role-players or provide that raised-eyebrow effect we GMs enjoy.

Some GMs can pluck good ideas from the air and turn them into succulent encounters with apparent consumate ease. Most of us find it much harder to create on the hoof, and prefer time to prepare our ideas beforehand. For this reason I have created the Wilderness Encounters set of modules, beginning with this classic of the series Wilderness Encounters 1, The Great Out of Doors. Each chance situation can either be introduced as a basic encounter - something to maintain player interest as they travel between adventures - or as the adventure seed for an entire scenario, a time consuming distraction to entertain the group for one or maybe two sessions while the GM prepares the next grand-scale adventure.


16 adventure seeds with basic introduction, for throwing the idea into you game, GM information for the lowdown on what's going on behind the scenes, and Scenario, detailing ways to take the idea and run with a full blow adventure.

50 Random Encounters. A brainstormer of ideas to get your imagination into overdrive.

Full colour illustration throughout by artist Wyn F Dawkins.

This is the fourth edition release of this, one of Forever People's most popular titles to date, with improved content, better design and layout and larger text for easy reading in digital format plus an all new cover design.

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