Alien Invaders 1


Welcome to Ronin Arts' Alien Invaders 1: The Taxob-Zhin, the first installment in a new series of PDFs for M&M Superlink. Each of the PDFs in this series introduces a new alien species complete with background information, statistics, combat tactics, and suggestions for using it in your M&M Superlink campaign. Although the aliens are written up for GM use (as allies or enemies, or both, of the heroes), information is provided if the GM wishes to make the Taxob-Zhin available as player heroes.

This 10-page PDF, written by Michael Hammes, details the Taxob-Zhin. The few Taxob-Zhin that remain are the remnants of a once prolific and advanced race of trans-dimensional aliens that destroyed their home world in their relentless drive for technology. Now they roam the dimensions seeking to prevent other worlds from meeting the same fate.

Alien illustration by Bradley McDevitt. Proofreading and Stat Checking by Karsten Kopplin and PJ Mason.

  • Model: PJR175
  • Manufactured by: Ronin Arts

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