1st Appearance: Luminous


Give your characters some character!

Luminous is the second issue of the 1st Appearance line of M&M Superlink products from Blue Devil Games.

Luminous is a four-armed, purple bear-like alien, who by twist of fate came to be a member of the Void Rangers, an intergalactic police force. Just how he came to such a life is quite a story. Have seat, let me fill your mug. It all began two years ago on the planet Charrl when a squadron of the insectoid stagat descended upon them....

1st Appearance: Luminous includes:

--41 Origin Archetypes, from the Beast-Blood to the Crazed Inventor to the Soldier of Fortune. Each archetype includes a detailed description with suggested powers, feats, and skills and a unique Origin Feat, a brand-new mechanic to give your heroes the four-color treatment.

--6 Fully fleshed-out NPC heroes, including the tragic Wretch and the intoxicating Absinthe.

--Extra Crunch: 2 brand new powers, Fear and Nausea; 2 new extras; and 1 new power stunt.

Written by Lee Hammock and Justin D. Jacobson, 1st Appearance: Luminous features the spectacular color artwork of Danilo Moretti and Storn Cook.

NOTE: This product is for 1st edition rules.

  • Model: BDG04003
  • Manufactured by: Ronin Arts

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