1st Appearance: T.O.M.C.A.T.S


T.O.M.C.A.T.S is the inaugural issue of the 1st Appearance line of M&M Superlink products from Blue Devil Games.

The TacOps Modular Cybernetics Assault Team is a quasi-military organization specializing in the development of modular cybernetics. The team is comprised of: The leader Knockout, the "brick" Steadfast, and the upstart Electrilad. Together, these heroes use their amazing hardware to keep the world safe from those who would do it harm.

1st Appearance: T.O.M.C.A.T.S includes:

--Color illustrations and full character write-ups for the T.O.M.C.A.T.S team, including history, personality, tactics, appearance, and statblock.

--Black and white illustrations and full write-ups for the supporting cast: The cybernetics maestro Dr. Hennessey, the military liasion Capt. Lancaster, and the bureaucratic oversight liaison Martin Milliford.

--Detailed entry of the modular cybernetics power, including 1 power stunt, 2 extras, and 3 flaws.

--Extra crunch: 4 new feats, 2 new skill uses, and 2 new weaknesses.

--Four adventure seeds including the statblock for the renegade cyborg, Redblade.

--A full mini-adventure, "Terror at Tiger Lake," allowing the PCs to re-enact the T.O.M.C.A.T.S' exciting first adventure and including the statblocks for the super-terrorists, Wudu and Batil.

Featuring the spectacular color artwork of Yildiray Cinar and Danilo Moretti, 1st Appearance: T.O.M.C.A.T.S is the Superlink product no player or GM can live without.

  • Model: BDG04002
  • Manufactured by: Ronin Arts

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