GM'S COOKBOOK: Superhero Subplots #1


System: Any, contains no rules-specific material.

While the scenario, the ongoing quest, provides the meat in any campaign, a good Gamemaster needs more ingredients to add substance to the adventure, she occasionally needs to spice up slower parts of a gaming session. With that in mind Big Finger Games offers the GMís Cookbook line of pdfs.

GMíS COOKBOOK: Superhero Subplots #1 is designed to provide you with guidelines for developing subplots for your superheroic campaign. A detailed sample subplot is included as well as a 3-page worksheet for developing and tracking subplots.

Superhero subplots are a staple of comic book storytelling. They are secondary to the main plot but allow a writer or, in the case of a roleplaying game, the GM and player to explore elements of the characters that arenít normally featured. Subplots allow you to put some flesh on the bones of a hero, adding some dimension to the characterís personality.

  • Model: BFG1903
  • Manufactured by: Big Finger Games

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