Pants Go On The Outside


Forever People Digital Press Presents
A super-spoof by David Sharrock

"Get me something that tastes yellow."
"A lemon sir? A banana?"
"Yeah. Maybe. No. Get me some of that yellow fizzy they sell in Disc-K. The stuff that burns your tongue and makes you dizzy. And a yellow slushy."
"I believe the colour options are limited to orange, burgundy and blue, with direct relation to the beverage you mentioned sir."
"Orange then. And some beer. Mix it all up."
"Very good sir."

Captain Superbguy is a straight-shooting kind of guy. All he needs, in order to fight crime, is the dark cover of night and an unflinching determination to crush injustice wherever it rears its intolerable head. That, and a flash car. And a big cavern. And a cool outfit.

But lately things haven't been going so well for the quintessential hero of Gethsburg City. Used and abused by women and villified in the press, Superbguy has had enough and retreated to the sanctuary of his underground lair. In the vacuum left by his disappearance, the criminal gangs and supervillains of Gethsburg are enjoying newfound freedom. Lawlessness and anarchy are rapidly tearing the city apart.

Now Superbguy's butler, Chives, and the dysfunctional super computer Nervex have concocted a plan to save Gethsburg. A new league will be formed. A league of amazing, fantastic, extraordinary people. People with abilities and talents beyond those of the status quo. A league of super-humans capable of scattering the ranks of the criminal underclass and saving Gethsburg from certain doom. Superbguy will mentor this exceptional league, and all the assets he has at his disposal (the car, the cave, the unflinching determination to crush injustice wherever it rears its intolerable head) will be theirs to use for the good of mankind, or, in special cases, for showing off.

"Perhaps a time will come when we can all just take off the masks!"

Pants is a super-spoof roleplaying game that pokes irreverent fun at the super-hero genre. Players answer the call to help Superbguy return to form and bring Gethsburg's criminal fraternity to its knees by forming the League of the Fantastic Amazings. With the help of Chives the butler, Nervex the abrasive but super-intelligent super-computer, Superbguy's inarticulate car and the secret Superb-lair, players will oust crime from the streets of Gethsburg and liberate the citizens of the city from lawlessness and anarchy.


Extensive background and key to the city of Gethsburg including full map.
Built in game system (simple and semi-diceless for quick start and easy play).
Super character generation guide with unique 'supers by the numbers' system.
Multiple playtest examples for inspiration and ideas
Prominent NPC details and stat blocks
Ready-made supervillains and supernaturals
Adventure Guide with game types and plot devices

Superbguy sighed and lit a fresh cigarette. "I'm all ears."
"OK, ear-boy. It's so simple, it's genius. You're gonna love it."
"I can hardly wait."

  • Manufactured by: Forever People Games & RPG

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