Evil Genius #2: Crime & Punishment


Evil Genius #2: Crime & Punishment is a collection of four adventures for M&M Superlink Second Edition. Robbery, extortion, kidnapping, and general mayhem, plus the price you pay for doing all of the above. Crime does not pay, but there's always someone who didn't get the memo:

Deep Runs the Dreadnaut - The armored Dreadnaut plants mines in the city's harbor, holding the seas hostage until his demands are met.

Doing Time - After thirty years trapped in a moment of frozen time, an innocent man blames the heroes for his unfair imprisonment. Now it's their turn.

Great Armored Car Robbery - Armor-plated battlewagons stage daring daylight bank robberies. They're not robberies of armored cars, they're armored car robberies!

Fame is Fleeting - In a bid for fame and fortune, Speed Demon sets out to rob more banks in a single day than any criminal before.

Includes new Action Shticks (like Sinking Ships, Take Out the Guns!, Hit by a Car and Playing In Traffic), GM Craft tips, and variants to let you adjust the adventures to fit your game. Learn how to Run Crime Games and deal with Dead End Detective Work. The PDF is 33 pages long and fully bookmarked.

Later releases in the Evil Genius series will cover other adventure themes, because the real evil genius isn't the criminal mastermind, it's the person behind the GM's screen. Just remember, don't do the crime if you can't do the time.

  • Model: LAM0060
  • Manufactured by: Lame Mage Productions

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