FTL Now RPG - Faster Than Light Now!

FTL Now is the sequel to Cold Space. The back story begins in 1990, with the fall of the Soviet Union, and ends when you want it to.

The colonies settled in Cold Space now have to deal with the Interplanetary War on Terrorism, beginning with the horror of what happened on September 11, 2001.

The search is on for the terrorists - the American Rocket Corps poking its pointed, suspicious, space-pitted nose into everyone's business.

The dozens of micro colonies that were founded by special interest groups, corporations, and private interests have to survive with Mother Earth turning her back on them.

Things have changed a lot in 16 years. This isn't your father's Cold Space.

Powered by the StarCluster 2 engine

The ZIP file includes a star file for NBOS' AstroSynthesis Program.

FTL Now is not part of the StarCluster 2 Line. It is a separate product using the StarCluster 2 Engine.

  • Model: FM 047
  • Manufactured by: Better Mousetrap Games

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