Star Ace Classic: First Strike on Paradise


This PDF is generated from scans of the product. Originally released in 1985. From the back cover:

The sounds of the big guns still ring in your ears as you walk slowly down the street. The fort seems quiet now, at least by comparison. Only minutes ago it was filled with Imperial troops eager for a shot at you, and now only distant rifle fire can be heard. But is it too quiet? What was that?

You turn and fire your PPR at a corner of the building just as six Imperial soldiers -- green Gorlons all of them! -- blast you with laser fire.

You look wildly around for cover and, spotting a heap of smoking rubble nearby, fling yourself behind it. Wiping the sweat out of your eyes you pick out an Imperial soldier and raise your weapon to draw a bead on him. But what you see is so incredible that you can't believe your eyes.

  • Model: PJR250
  • Manufactured by: Ronin Arts

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