Future: Overwhelming Firepower


Looking for a way to make your starship battleships more like real-world battleships? Want your battle cruiser to have more firepower than a scoutship? Looking to equip your dreadnought with batteries of massive guns and arrays or missile racks?

Then look no further. In this 24-page PDF you'll find:

--Complete rules and designer notes for arming your starships with more and larger weapons of every kind, all based on and integrated with the Future SRD rules.

--Additional optional rules for such things as firing broadsides and laying multiple mines, all easily integrated into the existing Future SRD rules.

--A one-page rule summary that you can print out and refer to instead of having to hunt through the PDF.

--Complete statistics for all PL 6 and PL 7 weapons from the Future SRD modified using the rules in this PDF; the conversion math has been done for you.

--A step-by-step design guide of a battle cruiser made using the rules and showing all of the attack options and weapon systems.

Written by Michael Hammes.

  • Model: PJR235
  • Manufactured by: Ronin Arts

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