Engines of War


Tired of pounding the pavement or slogging through the mud? It's time for your Merc to finally step to some proper transportation. A speedy skimmer or an armored assault vehicle; any type for any job is out there waiting for you.

And if you've really got the cash and some hardcore enemies, then step up to Ultra Armor, the ultimate in personal protection and mobile firepower in the Alliance.

So saddle-up. It's time to RIDE.

Engines of War includes:

  • Complete rules for piloting, damaging, and fighting vehicles in the Battlelords of the Twenty-Third Century.
  • More than 40 detailed skimmers, wheeled vehicles, and Ultra Armors (Humpty Dumpties).
  • New weapons and equipment to customize your vehicle.
  • Many optional rules to increase the level of detail or streamline game play.
  • New vehicle-specific skills.

  • Model: SSDC8001E
  • Manufactured by: SSDC

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