Space Opera Support Compilation #1


This is a collection of the first five products from Polgarus Games' Space Opera Support line.

Space Opera Passenger Generator
Want to add interest to the passengers the PCs are carrying on their starship? Looking to run a ship-based adventure, but stuck for ideas? Space Opera Passenger Generator is just what you’re looking for, allowing you to create hundreds of unique passengers with reasons for travel, and potential trouble to cause the PCs! Includes a list of 110 ready-to-use names to make the entire process quick and easy.

15 Space Opera Passengers
15 people (and groups of people) who want to travel on the PCs’ ship, each with a reason to travel and each with 5 different possible stories that can be run as entire adventures, or as small side-events.

Mysterious Passenger
A collection of 6 possible adventure seeds for a “mysterious passenger” who comes on board the PCs’ ship but doesn’t seem quite right. These seeds can be run as entire adventures, or as small side-events.

15 Starport Encounters
Fifteen different encounters PCs could find themselves involved in when they next visit a starport. Each encounter has 3 suggested explanations (giving 45 different scenarios in all), and several complications are suggested for each encounter to make the PCs lives even more "interesting".

15 Startown Hazards
Fifteen different hazards that the PCs may face when they are next passing through a city. The hazards included can be used as a simple diversion, or they could lead to a complete adventure.

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  • Model: PLG3990
  • Manufactured by: Polgarus Games

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