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In this 18-page PDF author James Maliszewski adapts the existing OGC contact rules to the modern rules system and presents a dozen contacts. As with previous releases in the Modern series, the information presented here assumes that the campaign the GM is running uses a straightforward 21st century setting with a minimum of supernatural or fantastical elements. While the setting might be cinematic in nature, it doesn't take place in an alternate reality where the laws of physics are different or where aliens or elves exist.

Each contact is presented on a single page and includes room for the GM to make notes specific to his campaign. Space to note which PC this GMC is a contact for is also included. GMs can safely print the contact rules separate from the sample contacts so that the players have no knowledge of the contacts but can still have access to the rules. This format is designed to make including these sample contacts in your campaign as simple and pain-free as possible.

This PDF includes no arwork and is packed with content any Modern GM will find useful. The GMCs can be used as contacts -- as they're intended -- or as background characters.

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