Many roleplaying games and other speculative fiction cast characters as "Chosen Ones", singled out for a heroic destiny and/or supernatural powers. What if you turned it around? What if a world much like our own contained people who were special because power had been taken away from them in some supernatural manner? The universe has turned round and rejected the characters, and they tend to fall through the cracks of everyday life, but still play key roles as agents in the development of certain stories, for instance as wandering righters of wrongs.

NUGGETS is an occasional line of self-contained mini-games based around the stripped down NUGGET system.

Now updated to v3 of the basic NUGGET rules.

unChosen adds rules for supernatural Rejections - a specific aspect of reality that wants nothing to do with the character and will go to great lengths to avoid them; an aura of nonentity that makes them overlooked and forgotten; and an inability to connect to society. With cunning and grit the unChosen can learn how to use these to their advantage. They also have to deal with the spirit realm known as the Dust Fields, and its denizens the Utukku that rasp away at reality; and with the Visionaries who'll let nothing stand in the way of their grand utopian causes.

Written and designed by Tim Gray
18 pages

  • Model: SBGNUG003
  • Manufactured by: Silver Branch Games

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