Vanishing Point (Revised)


Vanishing Point
Lose Yourself in a World of Insanity, Wonder and Intrigue

So many people disappear without trace that it is tempting to attribute their loss to the results of crime, murder and accidental death.

This supposition is wrong.

Here is where the lost people go when their minds no longer fit the world we know. The Vanishing Point, the place where all lines meet. It is a place of wonder and mystery, one where the Insane go in the privacy of their own heads. Ruled by a near-totalitarian government but governed by few physical laws, wracked by civil war between the social classes, and subject to the capricious whim of a madman with the powers of a god.

What will you do in this bizarre and dangerous new world? Will you use political scheming to carve a place for yourself in the tortuous system of social class and privilege? Will you resort to the indiscriminately violent terrorist tactics of the Revolution to bring society down? Or will you, like so many before you, be driven to madness by a mad world where only the insane may prosper?

Enter the Vanishing Point, and be changed forever.

Vanishing Point is a complete tabletop role-playing game Featuring:

O The Action Dice System : a system that is both grittily realistic and simple to learn
O Fourteen varied and unique playable races who are the very personification of madness
O Bizarre pseudo-magical abilities that defy the laws of science as we know it
O A thriving and vibrantly original world where only the cunning survive for long
O A complete guide to the politics, geography, flora and fauna of the Vanishing Point

PDF Statistics: 272 letter-sized pages, not including the credits, contents page, full printable index and character sheet. PDF bookmark index for ease of browsing. Includes a screen display version with more than 70 haunting illustrations by top artists, and an art-free printer friendly version to save on printer ink. Cover image included as a separate JPG file for ease of printing.

Featured Artists: Andrew Huerta, Ben Hunter, 'Bordon', Dan Carter, Jason Troxell, Kris Wheeler, Maciej Wojtala, Michael Franchina, Michael Kingery and Ryo Kawakama. Cover image by John Hodgson.

Owners of the original hardback special edition of Vanishing Point will soon be able to download a free PDF file containing the minor changes and conversion rules necessary to make it compatible with the new revised edition. A printed softback version of the new revised edition will also be available shortly from your local gaming store.

  • Model: SSS1001
  • Manufactured by: Sane Studios

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