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Nevermore is a world where the imaginings of mortals come to life; every story ever told (or yet to be told) has its roots within this realm. From classical heroes to mythical creatures, the inhabitants of Nevermore and the land itself are gripped in a struggle between good and evil, between destruction and preservation, between dreams and nightmares. This is the promise and the peril of Nevermore. The question is… Are you willing to risk the nightmares of this world to live your dreams?

This PDF is a demo of Nevermore including the table of contents, the entire first chapter, an excerpt from the Heartlands, as well as spreads containing Aspects, Hazards, and magic items of Nevermore.

The actual book Nevermore includes 160 pages of campaign information, player and GM mechanics and unique magic items and monsters of Nevermore.

  • Model: Nevermore 4e demo
  • Manufactured by: Expeditious Retreat Press

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