Awmrie - Lyart Subsector - 0709


Awmrie is composed of several dozen islands forming an extended archipelago stretching almost 200 miles over crystal clear, blue water. None of the islands are very large, the largest being only 300 or so square miles. In general, the islands of Awmrie tend towards flatness, sloping gently upwards towards their centers. Most islands are lined with sandy beaches shaded by palms of all sorts. Awmrie is divided into four major areas. In addition, two small and unique islands are worthy of attention.

Awmrie is a 3 page gazetteer detailing one of the islands in the Lyart Subsector in Worlds Apart. Welcome to the home island of the Durangwa! This heavily populated and civilized island contains secrets within secrets!

  • Manufactured by: Expeditious Retreat Press

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