TRIBES Anthology I


TRIBES: Anthology I contains full details of the following tribes: Bleached Skull Gnolls describes these feral denizens of the deep woods and their terrible allies, the bloodspawn treants. Hobgoblins of the Mailed Fist presents the skilled, disciplined mercenaries of the Mailed Fist and their elder bat mounts. Kobolds of the Fallen Halls: Two tribes of kobolds, led by their draconic masters, fight for mastery over a long-fallen dwarven hold. Pazuzuís Fury: Born of anger and corruption these harpies lure the unsuspecting and weak to gory ends. Troglodytes of the Tentacled One: Dwelling amid cyclopean ruins buried deep below the Orestone, these degenerate creatures worship an elder horror. TRIBES Anthology I presents 32 new feats 22 new spells 11 new magic items 70 stat blocks (CRs 0 -11) 4 new monsters

  • Manufactured by: Raging Swan Press

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