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[Dreamscarred Press] Third Dawn Campaign Setting

Postby Dreamscarred Press » Mon Feb 04, 2008 2:17 pm

Welcome to a world where there are no gods, only godminds; a world where the maenad corsairs control the high seas, and the arcane and divine magics of the ancient world are gone, replaced by the power of the mind. Welcome to a world where city-states struggle to survive on their own, having thrown off the bitter rule of the fallen empire of Alyria. Welcome to the Third Dawn of Ksaren.

Dreamscarred Press, the definitive source for new psionic material, has decided to take on its biggest endeavor to date. The company that brought you Untapped Potential: New Horizons in Psionics, High Psionics Compilation: Volume I, and a host of other psionics products is hard at work on an all-psionics campaign setting titled Third Dawn.

Set in the world of Ksaren, a world rocked millenia ago by The Impact, Third Dawn explores a world without arcane or divine magic, a world where the power of the mind has risen to fill in the gap left by the departure of the magic of the ancient world.

With a planned release date of June 2008, the Third Dawn Campaign Setting will be a 100 page book detailing the world of Ksaren, from the races that make Ksaren its home, to the geography of the world, to the nations, cities, organizations, and monsters that can be found. In addition, details will be given on how to survive in Third Dawn without the traditional magic-based classes. The initial plans are to release Third Dawn rules for the d20 3.5, True20, and 4E rules systems - licenses allowing.
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