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[BDP] Blackdirge Publishing upcoming January releases

Postby Blackdirge » Tue Jan 01, 2008 5:19 pm

Here’s a look at some of the products coming your way from Blackdirge Publishing in January.

Master at Arms: Shieldbearer

The next installment of the Master at Arms series doesn’t deal with a weapon, but a piece of equipment that no self-respecting warrior would be caught without. The shield has never gotten its due in the d20 system, and the three level shieldbearer prestige class seeks to rectify that oversight.

Master at Arms: Escrimeur

Here the Master at Arms series explores the intricacies of classical fencing. The escrimeur prestige class focuses primarily on the rapier, but provides option for fencing with other weapons, such as the saber and the two-handed estoc.

Blackdyrge’s Templates: Devout

The next template in the synergy line, the devout template adds a bit of a divine spark to your villains and monsters.

Blackdyrge’s Templates: Brute

The brute template allows you to dramatically increase the power level of your humanoids, giants, and monstrous humanoids without having to add class levels. Brutes are big, mean, and pack a wallop that might surprise PCs thinking, “Hey, it’s just a big goblin.”

Animal Archives – Prehistoric Animals II

The next installment of the Animal Archives series contains 10 new prehistoric animals plus a number of templated and advanced version of the animals found within.

Animal Archives: Prehistoric Animals II features the following prehistoric critters:
  • Pterygotus – a giant sea scorpion from the Silurian, and one of the largest arthropods of all time.
  • Arthropleura – a mammoth millipede from the Carboniferous, and another contender for largest ever arthropod.
  • Gastornis - A massive flightless bird, and one of the first large predators to evolve after the extinction of the dinosaurs.
  • Rhamphorhynchus - a tiny pterosaur, and an ideal candidate for a familiar.
  • Andrewsarchus – the largest terrestrial mammalian carnivore known to science.
  • Hesperornis – the giant, toothed marine bird from the Late Cretaceous.
  • Euchambersia – a bizarre mammal-like reptile with a poisonous bite.
  • Sarcosuchus – an enormous crocodile the length of a city bus.
  • Megalania – the giant monitor lizard of ancient Australia.
  • Doedicurus - the massive spiked-tailed glyptodont from the Pleistocene.

Also included:
  • Information for players, including information on animal companions, familiars, and mounts.
  • A summon nature’s ally and summon monster appendix, complete with stat blocks for fiendish and celestial version of every animals
  • Intriguing real world information on each animal.
  • Fantastic illustrations by Jesse Mohn.
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