S&G set 5 is here

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S&G set 5 is here

Postby Hemdog560 » Sat Dec 08, 2007 10:42 am

Bad Baby Productions is happy to announce the newest expansion for the S&G system.

Steel and Glory, Holy Blessings is an expansion for the Steel and Glory game system. Now you can add new magic and characters to the mix and watch as the battles changes even more. Within you will find new characters for the barony and orc factions, rules on using items and other magics and tons of other new stuff. This expansion is not a complete game, and you will need one or more of the Steel and Glory game sets to use this product.

This is just the first of three expansions for the game that is coming your way, the other two will be released come the first of next year, so get ready for some great gaming fun.

Keep an eye out for more Heroes Inc. as well, it seems you folks can't get enough of that little gem, and are gobbling it up right and left. More sets for Heroes Inc. are also on the way, as well as linked scenarios and a hero builder, so put on your cape and have some super hero fun.

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