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[FPDP] Pants

Postby foreverpeople » Tue Oct 02, 2007 9:21 am

...Go On The Outside

Announcing the latest release from Forever People Digital Press. Pants Go On the Outside is an irreverent take on the supers genre.

Captain Superbguy has enjoyed one too many cheeseburger breakfasts, and now he's decided to retire from the super-hero business. But that leaves his old haunt, Gethsburg city, in something of a fix. Into the vacuum left by Superbguy come the criminal underclass. Henchmen, hired goons, obligatory martial arts guy, supervillains and supernatural foes. A rank and file invasion - and the city falls to its knees.

With Superbguy all but retired, the way is open for a new generation of superbs to take the reins and lead the battle against crime and injustice.

And so, with Superbguy's unequalled experience in the field and with the help of his butler Chives, the dysfunctional super-computer Nervex, the superb lair, the superb car and an unflinching determination to crush injustice wherever it rears its intolerable head, the players are all set to venture forth with the wierdest bunch of oddball supers the world has ever seen.

Available now at Your Games Now

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