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[Dreamscarred Press] Coming in October

Postby Dreamscarred Press » Mon Sep 24, 2007 7:09 am

October looks to be a busy month of releases for Dreamscarred Press!

First, we will be releasing the revised and fully illustrated version of The Mind Divine. With over a dozen illustrations beyond those in the initial release, as well as three new organizational specialty classes, epic progression for all the new prestige classes, new epic feats, and full errata incorporation, The Mind Divine will also be available in print. Buy it in PDF for $10.95 or buy it in print for $19.95.

Next, we will be releasing the fully re-designed Untapped Potential: New Horizons in Psionics. With a stream-lined layout, errata incorporation, another round of editing, and new illustrations, this release of Untapped Potential will be available in PDF in October and in print from retailers in December. As our flagship product, we felt it was time to upgrade the look of the book and get it out there in print to the masses.

For new products, we anticipate releasing the following:

High Psionics: Displays - There are different default displays that accompany powers - auditory, material, visual, etc. There are even rules to change a category of display for a character. But what if you want more than just those options? What if you want your kineticist's visual displays on his fire powers to make him look like he's covered in a wreath of fire, while the visual displays on his cold powers make him look like his breath is frost? What if you want your seer's offensive powers with a mental display to remind those nearby of the feeling of being ill? These are the rules presented in High Psionics: Displays. With new displays, display groups, character themes, and more, this supplement helps you truly customize your manifester's unique personality. The core rules of this product will be made available at no charge, while the expanded options - including the character themes, display groups - will be available at low cost.

High Psionics: Learning Centers - detailing a half-dozen brand new psionic learning centers, 8 new feats, 4 new organizational specialty levels, and 3 new prestige classes, High Psionics: Learning Centers details where manifesters go to learn the secrets of their talents, such as the Chronostere, where techniques of bending time are taught, to the Manor Esoteria, where the power to manipulate dreams is honed, this release is designed to be easily incorporated into any existing campaign.

Races of the Mind: Half-Giant - the third release in our Races of the Mind series of supplements, this book details the half-giant race - its history, philosophies, religions, and other details of their society. This release contains new racial specialty classes, feats, prestige classes, a new psionic material, and a new type of giant.

High Psionics: Deep Crystal Dragons - this supplement details a new type of dragon - the deep crystal dragon. A fully psionic dragon, the deep crystal dragon enters a symbiotic relationship with a manifester, and both the dragon and its host share benefits through this bond. Detailed in this book are the base rules of deep crystal dragons, epic-level support, and the effects of a corrupted deep crystal dragon and host.

And a few more once some projects get further along!
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